Work-at-home drama

This week, Ian is involved in one of those quick-strike drama programs. An outfit rolls into town on Sunday night, holds auditions for 60 kids on Monday morning, and on Friday and Saturday, puts on an hour-long play. These things are so impressive. The young people who work with the kids are dedicated, energetic, full of joy, and know how to get the kids excited about the project.

Ian is a bit of a ham, and I think getting involved in a drama program is good for a lot of kids. A play is a safe place for a shy kid to be someone he’s not. An outgoing kid can channel that extrovert energy and do something productive.

This always kicks off our summer. Last year, when I was still working in an office, I took the week off so I could get Ian to all the rehearsals. They have rehearsals every day (except for the very youngest kids), and sometimes all day, depending on the part. This year, because I’m working at home, it’s not a big deal to swing by and drop him off or pick him up. I am thankful as I do it. Last year I found it hard to enjoy even my time off, because knowing it would end and I would have to go back to my sick office was so depressing. Now, I am full of gratitude — to myself, for having the courage to walk away from a full-time job in a bad economy; to my husband, for taking the risk with me; and my kids, for making it all worth it. I will have to juggle interviews and do some work at night to fit in the play rehearsals and performances. But as I watch Ian on stage at the end of this week, I will know I’m doing what I should be doing.

Do traveling plays come through your town? What are your kids doing this summer?

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