Prepare for long layoff

Not only am I preparing for my kids to be home all the time, I’m getting ready for John to be home a lot, too.  The slowdown has hit the railroad, and it we’re looking at a month, maybe two, of down time.  He said he might work a day or two a week, but even so, that’s a lot of family time.  A LOT.

 I am a private, solitary person.  I lived on my own for quite some time after college and relish my own time, my own place, my own silence.  I have to say I’m wondering about how all these people being around will affect me and my work.  Having a schedule will be even more important with an adult and kids around.

 John has projects he wants to work on, which is good, and the kids are old enough to help him, so I will be able to have the computer time I need.  We splurged recently and bought a laptop, so both of us can be online at the same time if we have to be, or the kids can play on one while I’m working. 

 Still, sometimes partners can take working at home less seriously than a job in an office.  Just because I’m working in shorts and a sweatshirt at a messy desk with iTunes running doesn’t mean the work I’m doing isn’t important, time-sensitive or necessarily flexible.  I could put on a suit and sit up straight while working, but I’m not sure if that would do any good.  Maybe having him around all the time will show him how I work.  You’d think the paycheck would prove it, wouldn’t you?

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