Wednesdays: Work

Every mother is a working mother; I firmly believe that. There’s always been a reluctance to acknowledge that a woman who stays home with her kids is working, whether she’s earning a paycheck from home or not. Women who stay home are pitted against those who don’t, and we are encouraged by society to judge each other.

I am extremely lucky – the work I love to do and am good at is perfect for working at home. My resume stretches more than 15 years across the battlefield of the publishing industry, scattered with dead newspapers and magazines. As a freelance, work-at-home writer and editor, I can take only the projects I want to and work on them late at night, early in the morning, in bed, at the breakfast table, at a coffee shop.

On this blog, Wednesdays will be devoted to the paid work of work-at-home moms. We’ll talk about the Mommy Wars, the decisions to work outside the home or at home, what jobs are good to do at home and finding them, whether you want to work for pay while at home or not. These are hard questions and we’ll have some good conversations, I think. Wednesdays won’t all be heavy – we’ll often revel in the fact that it’s always fun to wake up, remember that hell boss of yesteryear, and think I don’t have to go in today.

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