Tuesdays: Kids

“Work-at-home” may be the first part of “Work-at-home mom,” but the biggest reason you’re at home is probably your kids. Whether you’re at home with a newborn trying to figure out how to type while breastfeeding, or sitting in an a conference call while three teenagers tromp through the kitchen bellowing for snacks, your children are the reason and the biggest challenge about working at home.

I have two kids; Ian is 10 and Mara is 6. They are fairly self-sufficient, but I remember the days of interviewing people over the phone while feeding graham crackers to Mara as a baby to keep her quiet. I will try to focus on all ages and abilities of children, but feel free to call me on anything if I’m out of line or wrong.

On this blog, Tuesdays will focus on the kids – the glory of them, the challenges, the balance that you thought might come with working at home, yet sometimes feels even more elusive than when you worked outside the home. We’ll talk about ways to keep them busy while you’re working, things to do with them, and those moments you dreamed about when you were sitting through your third Power Point presentation of the week.

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