Monday: Food

When I decided to become a work-at-home mom, I had a lot of ideas about how I would do things. I would be more patient, because I wouldn’t be at my crabby job all day. I would have more energy, because I would have time to exercise. I would have a daily schedule that would see me working on projects at certain times, and then I would rise gracefully from the computer 10 minutes before the kids came home so I could greet them with a nutritious snack.

I think the biggest surprise was how “work creep” – the tendency of any chore to grow to fill the time allotted to it, or sometimes go even longer – totally derails some of my plans. The biggest plan would be cooking. I make menus, I write on a calendar what we’re having for supper, and there are still times where it’s 3:30 and I realize I forgot to put the roast in.

On this blog, Mondays will be devoted to menus. We’ll talk about meals that hit the big three (nutritious, easy, and kids will eat it), how to eat right for yourself, recipes, seasonal foods, snacks, and so on. Working at home will not make people stop saying “What’s for supper?” and “Can I have a snack?” I’m hoping that writing stuff like this down will make it easier, at least, to deal with some of those questions.

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