Welcome to Motherguild!

Hello there! I am a work-at-home mom-of-two who has decided to blog daily about the challenges and joys of working at home. This blog will be full of tips and tricks to balance your paid work, your kids, your partner, and yourself. I hope it will also be a much-needed outlet for venting and support.

Here are a few facts about the Motherguild blog:

• All names that I use will be pseudonyms. Because of some of the freelance work I do, I would like to keep this separate from my paid work. I know this puts a barrier between you and me, but I think at this point we're all familiar with the Internet and why people like to be anonymous. Please be assured that if you do e-mail me, I will read it!

• I will be blogging daily and each day of the week will have a theme. It might range quite a bit from its original theme, but having a set schedule like that helps me stay focused. And we all know how important that is.

• Each post will have several links in it. The main reason is links help boost a blog's visibility, and frankly, I'd like a lot of people to read this blog. So there's the self-serving reason. The links won't always be exactly what the hotlinked word is. For example, the word "teacher" might link to the national teachers union Web site. This would reflect my politics. Links to products, services, organizations and so on do not mean that I have been paid by those entities to include them; it is only to show things that I like. It's an endorsement on my part, not their part.

• A lot of the stuff I write about will be aimed at mothers. However, I want all caregivers to find this blog useful. It's easier for me to write specifically for women, but a lot of things I'll be writing about -- kids, family, self-care -- will be applicable to everyone. You are not meant to be excluded. I also want this to be a friendly place for GLBT people, people with disabilities, people of color, people of every class and and so on. If my privilege is showing, please call me on it.

• Any time I talk about food, nutrition, health, or money, please remember to consult with your own experts and do not take my opinions as the only way to do anything.

• The photo in the flag represents a lot of things about myself and my family. There are crayons, tools, a to-do list, some of the kids' favorite things, a cup of coffee with some chocolate, and so on. The heart stands for all of us, of course (aw).

I'll be starting my daily blogging on Monday, May 18. Be sure to visit every day to see what's going on. Thanks for reading!


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