WAHM helpers

How much do you rely on your partner for help when you're working at home? As I mentioned, John is at home for some time on furlough. He has worked on a lot of projects around the house and tackling some of those "someday" things that you always say you'll do "when you have time." I have to say I've been grateful for all the projects he has gotten done around here -- chopping wood, fixing up a playhouse for the kids, car maintenance we've been putting off, and so on.

The best thing, though, is that so far I've found he's really respected my space while I'm working at home. I've had to delay chores and drop dishes in the middle of washing them to take phone calls or clarify an article, and John has been very, very supportive of all of it. I've written about how it's easy to dismiss work at home, but I think when people really see how hard we work at home, they can grow to respect it and value it as much as work in an office or factory.

My work is such that it would be inappropriate to have John help me with it. He can't interview people for me, or edit things for me. But when he sees how much I love to do all that, he's happy to help me make it possible. Does your spouse or partner help out with your work at home? I imagine that with direct marketing or sales it might be different -- who do you have helping you?

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